Beyond Despair

Do you believe in a broken heart? Do you think a broken heart, shattered beyond repair, can be mended? Is there ever truly a broken heart, or is it just that the circumstances surrounding the broken heart make it seem so?

Miranda, in Beyond Despair, was shattered. As a teenager, she and her sister, Cindy suffered a devastating loss, and as a result, Miranda assumed the role of mother figure to Cindy for many years. Even the “twin connection” did not keep Miranda and Cindy from becoming attracted to, and falling in love with the same man. Because of circumstances and lack of communication, Miranda again takes on the role of caretaker. She turns away from a man she loves more than life itself in order to assure her sister’s happiness.

Would life have turned out differently if Miranda had let her sister and Roger know how she felt.  Would Cindy have made different choices? Would Roger have chosen her or someone else? Where would her life have taken her?

Want to read what happens to both Miranda and Cindy, as well as the men in their lives.  Do they find true happiness or is it just an illusion? Beyond Despair shares a wonderful, twisting tale of two sisters and their struggles to find happiness. Do they?

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