Beyond Despair ~ A Novel

Miranda’s life is in turmoil. The man she loves, and wants to spend the rest of her life with, has just married her twin sister. In order to bring perspective back into her life, she moves away and starts a new chapter in her life. Devastated, unhappy, and lonely she starts out on a new adventure, but it’s not always easy.

Her new career and making new friends become a challenge, but a startling surprise awaits her.  Keeping her special twin connection with the sister she loves more than life itself is hard, and painful.

A “must read” to find out what happened between Miranda, her sister, the new people in her life; and to learn if she eventually finds what she’s looking for.

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Beyond Despair


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Forrest Lane Publishers
Editor's Pick

Poignant but also heartwarming

This author gets the reader to feel the emotions in the book, from love, to despair, to happiness. Her writing ability is superb and her descriptions draw the readers into the story, helping them to picture the situation fully. I appreciate that this is a romance novel, but doesn’t contain erotica – it is truly about romance. I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy romance stories. 

Pris Allen

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